Still struggling with old-fashioned and defunct electrical system? Are you looking for customized

electrical solution for your home and enterprise that operates hassle free and requires zero maintenance??


As an Electrical contractor we at AADI specialize in design ,

remodelling and administration of electrical systems. We employ individuals that guarantee installation of electrical components and system ranging from electrical and cable maintenance of commercial ,institutional and residential buildings. Energy efficient lighting , security systems,enhanced building performance ,integrating wireless network is what we are good at.

Installation ,troubleshooting ,modifying existing electrical system requires

expertise and not just any ordinary electrician.We follow protocols to ensure system works in a safe manner,designed to meet guidelines and diminish risk involved to safeguard persons and property from hazards arising from use of flawed electrical systems.


Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,00 fires each year and $1.3

billion in property damage.Electrical Distribution system are the third leading cause of home structure fires

Still you believe in chances??